Monday, November 21, 2011

Reducing Wrinkles using Super Supplements

Here is some basic information on the best anti-aging vitamins

“Free Radicals” are unstable oxygen molecules that attach themselves to the molecules, attacking cell membranes and vital cell components.  They can deactivate important enzymes and even damage DNA.  The oxidation process that that takes place is believed to be responsible for the breakdown of cells that precedes aging and disease.

Antioxidant vitamins and nutrients work to “sweep up” free radicals and neutralize them.  The primary antioxidants are vitamin A in the form of beta carotene, vitamin C and E, and the trace elements selenium and zinc, but there are also a number of other antioxidant nutrients.  Let’s review the benefits of these nutrients as they pertain to our skin.

Vitamin  E is the main fat-soluble antioxidant used in the body.  This means Vitamin E must be taken with foods containing fat in order to be assimilated. Vitamin E has the strongest healing ability of all vitamins. Although vitamin E is crucial to body health, it is not manufactured by the body. To receive the antioxidant effects of vitamin E, you will need to take more than the current RDA (recommended daily allowance).  A dosage of 800 to 1200 I.U. a day would suffice.  (You can split up the dosage and take at different times during the day).  Vitamin E may be applied directly to the skin via lotions and creams, as it is a highly moisturizing oil.  Applied on the skin it can protect from UV ray, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help to delay the progression of aging.  Taken either way, it helps heal scarring and wounds. If you have ever used Vitamin E on the skin, you’ll know that it is very thick and heavy. Because of this it is easier to use as a treatment left on the skin for a few hours and then washed off.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant. It helps LDL cholesterol from being oxidized in to its damaging form. It activates folic acid and prevents the oxidation of other vitamins.   Vitamin C helps the body heal itself, resist infection and build and maintain collagen and elastin. Our need for vitamin C increases with age. It strengthens the skin and capillary walls.  Fruits such as papaya, strawberries, and cantaloupe are high in vitamin C, as are dark green vegetables, cabbage, potatoes and rose hips.

Vitamin A is one of the two vitamins that can be absorbed by the skin.  It is highly beneficial to the hair and nails as well.  It helps fight acne and premenstrual skin eruptions. It increases blood flow, stimulates the skin and helps to keep it supple.  Vitamin A is the only vitamin that is stored by the body, making it potentially toxic if too much is stored.  This is why it is safer to take large doses of beta-carotene.  Beta carotene can be safely taken in doses ranging from 5000 to 25,000 I.U. daily.

Zinc is important in health skin and necessary for collegen formation.  It aids in assimilation of vitamins A and B and combines with Vitamin A for protein synthesis, which makes healing possible.  Good sources of zinc are eggs, fish, peas ,nuts ,beans, grain, sunflower seeds and dairy products. Zinc helps to prevent acne, regulates oil glands and clears skin problems.

Here is a super easy all natural skin care recipe using vitamin E capsules that reduce fine lines and wrinkles under your eyes  in a SHORT period of time ( I personally use this and had great success, and I'm a pretty tough critic !)

                             Purchase the strongest Vitamin E capsules you can find (I'm using 400 I.U.                    
                                  but 800 to 1200 I.U. is usually recommended)
                Dissolve a few capsules in just enough really hot water to form the paste.
                When cool, dab a bit (it's very thick & sticky) under your eyes.  Add a dab of your
                favorite eye creme over it and GENTLY apply to eye area.  (Or you can pre-mix the
                two before applying to the eyes).          
It's so simple and so effective. (and inexpensive) 
And just for the fun of it .... I wipe a little bit of it on my dry chapped knuckles on my hands or elbows and see a difference the following day! ( I usually do all this at night - only takes a few minutes).

Hope this information was helpful !  

Consider all the benefits of making your own
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