Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Natural Skin Care Recipes What Does Oil Free Mean

Oil-Free is a meaningless claim meant to mislead consumers into buying a product that can actually clog pores.  There are plenty of products don’t sound like oils, but they can aggravate breakouts.   Simple moisturizing ingredients that are great for dry skin can wreak havoc on someone with oily skin or regular breakouts. 

Triglycerides, palmitate, stearates, myristates, stearic acid, plant oils (like jojoba oil), plant waxes, shea butter, Vitamin E, acrylates and many other ingredients can all clog pores.  These ingredients are used in moisturizers because they duplicate the natural lipids (sebum/oil) in our skin, which is great, UNLESS you happen to be having problems with the sebum being created in your pores,  adding more of the same kind of substance will only make things worse.  These ingredients show up in lots of so-called “oil free” products.
Many products claim to be “noncomedogenic” or “nonacnegenic” and maybe you have bought these products only to find out that they caused breakouts.  These terms are now being replaced with” hypoallergenic” on cosmetic labels.  These are all meaningless terms, just like Oil-Free.  The ingredient list is the place to go to find out whether a product may put your skin at risk.

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