Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aloe Vera Benefits You Must Know

One of the hottest natural additives today that is now being added into everything from hand sanitizers to laundry soap is, ironically, something that has already been used for centuries. This substance is the Aloe Vera plant.

Most americans keep the aloe vera plant in their homes to aid in soothing burns and healing cuts. But what many people don't know is that aloe vera's healing properties go way beyond that.  This miracle plant can also help control acne, psoriasis, frostbite and blisters and help maintain healthy beautiful skin.

Also vera also contains a large amount of phytosterols,  which are plant lipids that help improve skin elasticity eliminating he effects of scarring and wrinkles.  Aloe vera gel also has moisturizing properties and also possesses the ability to oxygenate the skin tissue helping it heal faster. This little plant also contains 200 other active biological agents including gycerol, Vitamin E and Zinc.
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