Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Natural Skin Care Don't Pay For The Jar

I recently read some articles that I feel I HAVE to share with you .

One of the most recent was about a woman who was suing Proctor & Gamble because she bought a wrinkle cream that didn’t show results in the promised time frame….Well, okay. Are you surprised by this? I think I’d feel lucky to just get my money back and consider it a “learning experience”.

Also, recently I am finding articles about more and more anti-aging products that  contain MERCURY as an ingredient. Okay..well, that is a real scary  scenario if you ask me ! Makes me even more cautious about what I buy to put on my face.!

And the latest… well, try to wrap our brain around this one.   I found an article about a cosmetic company that is releasing a “limited edition moisturizing cream that promises to REDUCE fine lines and wrinkles – at the cost of $13,000.00.  Yes…this IS NOT a typographic error !  $13,000.00.  The article goes on to explain the the cream is currently being sold for $632.00 ( 1.8 oz package), but they are putting out 3 jars of it (Limited Edition)  “which will be sold in limited packaging as the moisturizer is encased in 30 layers of crystal and housed in a handmade jar topped with 3 PLATINUM RINGS!  They go on to explain about the fancy jar, but make no reference to the product contained INSIDE the jar.

I am not sharing this with you to cause more frustration, and I don’t “have it in” for major cosmetic companies, BUT, MY DEAR FRIENDS, Cosmetic companies are out to make money and are NOT “genuine in their advertising promises !  WE ALL KNOW THIS, but yet we are guilty of having hope – and “let me try just ONE MORE TIME to see if maybe this one will work” surfaces again.   And guess what? Disappointment and frustration again.

So where does this leave us ?  Hopeless, angry, defeated,  and ready to just accept what mother nature has to throw at us ? 


What you ask? …. It’s simple. 

All Natural Skincare.  It take a little research, some experimenting, but you must have a solid system to follow that gives you solid facts and information.  A blueprint, if you will, to put you in control of your own skin care needs, and to help you achieve the results you are looking for. 
That’s where Sue Dolan and Naturally Skinsational comes into the picture.  That’s what Naturally Skinsational is all about – the knowledge, guidance and the ability to give you the power to take control of your own skincare needs.

How to fight the signs of aging and your skin care concerns is not remedied by searching for that “miracle in a bottle” or that “magic potion” that doesn’t exist. It’s just not that “easy”.

You need the guidance to get the power and knowledge to win the battle and Naturally Skinsational is the best place to  turn . And remember, you can follow me for tips, tricks and natural homemade skincare recipes (a lot of them used by me personally) or recommended to me from  reliable sources. And don't forget that what you put into your body has an effect on your skin as well. "Garbage in-garbage out" still applies. Remember to eat right and drink enough water to help your skin as well.

On a tight budget?  Natural skin care is cost effective - you probably have several natural ingredients in your kitchen now to get you started.

If you have any tips or trick to share, please do so before you leave and remember to share with your friends too.  MIRACLES DO NOT HAPPEN OVER NIGHT – be patient, and most important – Stick with your routine. But never be afraid to try new ingredients as well, and I guarantee you will not be left feeling powerless or defeated again.

Looking for great natural skin care recipes to get you started? Want to set up your own natural skin care routine? Click here now to get started.

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